2023/2024 Team Sask Fencing

Women’s Epee
Kirsten Van Marion Asquith Garde
Albina Lee Regina Rapiers
Zula Zhang Prairie Fencing
Women’s Sabre
Brynn Whelan Asquith Garde
Sasha Karamishev Regina Rapiers
Men’s Epee
Zach Franco Prairie Fencing
Mason Soulier North East Edge
Dane Block Swift Current
Tad Mengell North East Edge
Gavin Smith Asquith Garde
Men’s Sabre
Randy Foraman Prince Albert Northern Knights
Ryan Stevenson Prairie Fencing
Sebastian Turgeon Asquith Garde
Jaxen Ife Prairie Fencing
Men’s Foil
Gage Keith Regina Rapiers
Noah Isa Regina Rapiers
Ryan Rousell Asquith Garde
Doug Brecht Asquith Garde

2024/2025 Saskatchewan Fencing Team Requirements

The requirements in order to make the 2024/2025 Saskatchewan Fencing Team will be as follows:

All levels must attend Nationals and 3 out of 4 provincial tournaments. Unless excused for medical reason, family emergency or conflicting fencing tournament.

HP (2 results from the following):

  • Canada Cup/Nationals – top 50%
  • NAC (DIV 1 for Sr) – top 70%
  • World Cup/Satellite – make cut

Team (1 of the following):

  • Canda Cup/Nationals – make cut, if no cut top 80%
  • Out of Province Provincial level – win DE and top 50%

Developmental (1 of the following):

  • Out of Province Provincial level – top 70%
  • Nationals – top 90%

All events must have at least 6 fencers to qualify.