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2022 Northwestern Open

4 June, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 5 June, 2022 @ 5:00 pm


Registration Sheet — We keep it updated as much as we can



Alfred Jenkins Fieldhouse

2787 10th Ave W

Prince Albert


Saturday, June 4th


Cadet Foil
U10/U13 Sabre
U15 Epee



Master’s Sabre


U10/U13 Foil
Cadet Epee
U15 Sabre


Master’s Foil


U15 Foil
U10/U13 Mini-Epee
Cadet Sabre

Sunday, June 5th

Canada Games Training Camp 10:00am-4:00pm

The Northwestern Open will be a One Day Tournament on Saturday, followed by a Canada Games Training Camp on Sunday.


The above times are for close of registration. Fencers not present at close of registration will be withdrawn* Registration in the Wheelchair events is complimentary with registration to any other events of the same weapon† Under-10 Foil and Épée fencers must use size 2 weapons or smaller

Age Restrictions

Under-10 fencers must be born 2012 or since. Under-13 fencers must be born 2009 or since. Under-15 fencers must be born 2007 or since. Cadet fencers must be born 2005 or since. Junior fencers must be born 2002 or since. Veteran fencers must be born 1992 or before.



  Early Bird Pricing Regular Fees
Registration Fees $25 $35
U15 & Younger Events $15 per event $25 per event
Cadet & Older Events $30 per event $40 per event
U10/U13 Cost of Registration fees Cost of Registration fees

There is a $35 registration fee plus $40 per regular event and $25 for Under-15 and younger events, or a $25 registration fee plus $30 per regular event and $15 for Under-15 and younger events if registration is completed by the Early Bird Deadline. Under-10 and Under-13 events are free with the base registration cost. Fencers competing in the Wheelchair event in a weapon may compete for free as long as they are competing in another event of the same weapon. Fencers registered in three or more events will receive a 50% rebate on their third event and any additional events.

Online Registration

All entrants must register online at skfencing.ca. All fencers who wish to fence in wheelchair events may register for free online so long as they are fencing at least one regular event.

Rules and Regulations

Fencers may enter more than one event on each day, but they may be required to withdraw from an event if their entry will impede the progress of the competition. Fencers must remain in the event in progress. The latest FIE rules will apply except regarding FIE clothing and FIE blades. All Competitors are required to wear proper fencing clothing. No sweatpants or windpants will be allowed. All sanctioned events (Cadet, Junior and Open) are done so by the SFA through the CFF. All Canadian competitors in sanctioned events must hold a current SFA and CFF license. Competitors may fence Masters events with a Limited Membership. U-10, U-13, and U-15 fencers must also hold at least a Limited Membership. U10 and U13 events may be combined if there is less than 3 fencers in either event. If combining is required because there are 2 or less U13 fencers, the size 2 blade restriction applies to the U13 fencers for Foil and Mini-Epee


4 June, 2022 @ 8:00 am
5 June, 2022 @ 5:00 pm
Event Category:


PA Northern Knights

Currently Registered

Dale Pitura Maksymilian Boniecki Baron Barkhouse Jaxen Ife Jeremy Salahub Abigail Bowles Alexandra KARAMISHEV Lisa Hagen Alex Moretto Tad Mengell Tristan Dyck Gavin Smith Thomas MacDonald Zachariah Winkler Dishita Emayavaramban
Marielle Lourens Eric Neilsen Finn McLoughlin Noah Isa Marcia Coulic-Salahub Robert Lewis Kendal Pastushok Ava Taylor genevieve rosseel Jasper Richardson Ryan Stevenson Gage Keith Adam Lund Dane Block

Registrations are closed for this event